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Customer Service Training Which Is Customer Retention Training.

We teach your team the adaptive skills needed to more effectively connect with one another and with your customers. Through simulations and role play we reinforce the learning and embed The Platinum Rule® in your customer focused culture.

Likely, you believe your employees can prevent and resolve customer service issues better than they do now. You want better customer service training that delivers memorable customer experiences because this is a direct route to improve customer retention and your bottom line.

The Platinum Rule® is simple in context: “Treat other people the way THEY want to be treated”.

Not necessarily as you want to be treated.

Remember the Golden Rule, treat others as you want to be treated. This rule assumes people are all the same. We know this is not true because we all experience situations where others do not want to be treated as we do.

For instance, here is a simple example concerning coffee: some want it black, some want sugar, some want both and some not at all. We would not think of giving everyone the same beverage.

When it comes to customer service, multiple channels are available: in person, by telephone, by email, online chat and text. This array of  channels serves customers the way they want to be served. And, your team must deliver effective customer service  through each channel.

Customer service training, or customer retention training, is a powerful catalyst to build stronger relationshipsresolve customer issues and keep your valued customers. Reduce both customer and employee churn so your turnover costs are minimized.

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