Customer Care & Retention™ Programs

We have a program tailored to your budget and organizational readiness.


Each of The Dunvegan Group’s programs begins with a Preparation Phase where we introduce The Platinum Rule® to the leadership team and key customer-facing personnel. This sets the stage for receiving customer feedback and responding in a manner tailored for the specific individual customer contact.

Employees are trained to apply The Platinum Rule® within your organization as well as in dealing with customers; they are also trained on The Dunvegan Group’s Customer Care & Retention™ Tools and Techniques so they can follow-up and follow through with customers effectively.

There are three options for your Customer Care & Retention™ (CCR™) Program:

  2. CCR PLUS™

Each program is described below illustrating the added value as you upgrade to each level.


This solution is designed to set your organization on the path to success; it incorporates four Key Customer Retention Indicators™. For each customer contact, you will receive:

  • Business Retention Index™ – A measure of retention which strongly correlates with renewal or repurchase behavior.
  • Business Essentials Index™ – A measure of the seven essential elements of B2B service ― the fundamentals for every B2B company.
  • Problem Experience Profile™ – Indicates where customers experience problems doing business with you and how well your organization resolves problems.
  • Customer Advocacy Zone™ –   A measure of whether your customers will encourage or discourage others from doing business with you, and why.

In the CCR BASELINE™ Solution, customer feedback is collected via an on-line questionnaire which is distributed to your customer contacts via email, thus minimizing the labor component of this CCR™ Program.

We refer to this as the CCR BASELINE™ Solution as it introduces the processes to your organization as well as to your customers, and gives all parties the opportunity to experience the impact of this effort on the customers who participate.

Priority Action Report™ is produced for every participant; this report displays the customer feedback, our Key Customer Retention Indicators™, the Urgency of Action to address the specific contact’s concerns, the actions to take (and in what order) for this individual.

Equipped with this prescription, and the ability to apply the Platinum Rule®, your customer-facing employees can quickly and effectively capitalize on opportunities to expand your services, leverage referrals and remedy discontent for individual contacts.

The Action Plan Tracker™ provides daily updates to ensure that follow-up actions are completed when promised.

The Comprehensive Summary Report provides guidance for improvements across your organization to better serve customers.

Typically, the participation rate for the CCR BASELINE™ is about 20%, meaning you will receive feedback from one in five of your customer contacts; you can utilize these results to strengthen your relationships with participants. However, you don’t have insights from the remaining 80% of your customer contacts.

Our clients often upgrade from the CCR BASELINE™ to the CCR PLUS™ Solution to increase the participation rate and to capture even greater depth of customer feedback.


The CCR PLUS™ solution incorporates all of the elements of the CCR BASELINE™ Solution plus additional customer feedback through open-ended questions exploring what customers value about their relationship with your organization, what they would like you to change or do differently and the ‘pain points’ they experience. This feedback provides both broader and deeper insights to customer expectations and opportunities to better serve them.

This solution also includes our fifth Key Customer Retention Indicator™, the Service Delivery Index™ (SDI™), which is custom-built for your organization; this measure reflects the specific elements of your offering to customers and how well your organization is performing against customer expectations.

The SDI™ is custom-built to reflect the specific products and services your organization delivers; it is a key component of our CCR PLUS™ Solution. Each client has its own custom-built index against which to measure their progress.

The open-ended questions asked in the CCR PLUS™ Solution provides a richer foundation for understanding the depth of your connections with customers. Customers share what they value or appreciate most about their relationship with your organization and how you serve them; this information can be woven into marketing communications to attract more ideal customers.

When asked what they would like you to change or do differently, customers often offer suggestions that are helpful in your efforts for continuous improvement. The ‘pain points’ customers identify may highlight opportunities for you to expand or enhance your product and service offering.

In the CCR PLUS™ Solution, customer feedback is collected via an on-line questionnaire. We use email reminders to encourage your customer contacts to participate; this method increases the participation rate while minimizing the labor component of this CCR™ Program. The CCR PLUS™ Solution provides feedback from a larger portion of your customers and offers more in-depth insights.

Typically, the participation rate for the CCR PLUS™ Solution program is about 30%, meaning you will receive feedback from about one in three of your customer contacts and can utilize these results to strengthen your relationships with participants; however, you don’t have input from the remaining 70% of your customer contacts.

Our clients often upgrade from the CCR PLUS™ Solution to the CCR PREMIER™ Solution to capture feedback from a greater portion of their customer contacts.


The CCR PREMIER™ Solution incorporates all of the elements of the CCR PLUS™ Solution and utilizes telephone interviews as the primary method of capturing the voice of your customers.

This method engages expert executive interviewers which dramatically increases participation in your CCR™ Program and ensures that customers answer all of the applicable questions.

The CCR PREMIER™ Solution provides more complete and more in-depth feedback from a majority of your customers; it allows more time to be spent on the specific areas of concern for your customers.

Typically, the participation rate for the CCR PREMIER™ Solution program is about 60%; meaning you will receive feedback from six in ten (more than half) of your customer contacts. We feel much more confident of the conclusions drawn from the CCR™ program overall when we have a majority of customers represented.