Employee Care & Retention™ Programs

Embed a Customer Focused Culture to Enhance Employee Engagement.


The Employee Care & Retention™ (ECR™) Program is based on the same foundation as our Customer Care & Retention™ Programs: The Platinum Rule®. Some organizations choose to stabilize and enhance their culture by embedding the philosophy of, “Treating other people the way they would like to be treated”, through the ECR™ Process before undertaking a CCR™ Program.

The Platinum Rule® encourages your employee community to develop their Emotional Intelligence (EQ), to be empathetic, and build on the strengths of one another. Overall, communication between employees and with customers are more effective when employees understand themselves and each other better, have new language to use and humor to diffuse friction.

We find that organizations which have embedded The Platinum Rule™ in their culture achieve higher rates of both employee and customer retention.

Once your employees have completed the self-assessments and The Platinum Rule™ training, they are asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire on-line. The results provide your organization with four Key Employee Retention Indicators™:

  • Employee Retention Index™ – A measure of the strength of the bond between your organization and your employee population.
  • Employee Engagement Index™ – A measure of the twelve essential elements of employee experience with all employers.
  • Employee Problem Experience Profile™ – Indicates where employees experience problems at work and how well your organization resolves them.
  • Employee Advocacy Zone™ – A measure of the likelihood of your employees encouraging or discouraging others from working for your organization, and why.

Employees are expected to complete the questionnaire during their work time; this ensures that virtually all employees will participate (of course, some will be away on holidays or sick during the time questionnaires are to be completed).

The results of the Employee Care & Retention™ survey are summarized in a comprehensive report and presented along with Priority Actions for building stronger relationships with your employees to bind them to your organization. These results provide a benchmark against which to measure your progress towards increased Employee Retention.

Following the implementation of our Employee Care & Retention™ Program, or coincident with it, clients undertake one of The Dunvegan Group’s Customer Care & Retention Programs™ (CCR™). Learn about our CCR™ Programs here.

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