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Win/Loss Analysis

We Discover Why Your Bids Were Won — Or Lost

What made those new customers choose your offer? Who did you compete against and what were your advantages over the competitors? What did the competitors offer that you might want to add to your own offering? How can you most effectively leverage your strengths to improve your closing ratio?

Whatever happened to those proposals your sales team submitted but that no one heard back on? Without analyzing lost bids, your sales team could be repeating costly, avoidable mistakes.

Our Win/Loss Analysis services will take a comprehensive look at prospects’ reactions to your business proposals, both the successful and unsuccessful ones. Our consultants will help you define, and subsequently do more of, what led to your success in securing new business. We will also use the insights provided by unsuccessful proposals to help you make corrections.

In fact, with our intimate understanding of your ideal customer, we can even work with your sales teams to improve their proposals; thereby increasing the odds that you will secure new business. What can we say, your sales team will love us!

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