The Dunvegan System™ provides the foundation and processes for embedding an enhanced customer care culture in your organization.


We listen to your internal employee team as well as your customers/clients to assess the strength of the bonds with your company.


We deliver customized training and measures, identify priority actions, mentor and coach your team to utilize our tools and best practices to improve both customer/client and employee retention.


Capture the voice of your customers/clients and your employees to build sustainable competitor-resistant relationships.



The Dunvegan Group

Business Retention Specialists!

The Dunvegan Group has been identifying priority actions to improve Business Retention including customer, employee and revenue retention, for more than 25 years.

Business relationships depend on personal interactions between your employees and your customers and Business Retention requires engaged employees who are focused on your customers.

Because our approach to Business Retention encompasses Customer Retention, Employee Retention and Revenue Retention, we work closely with your team to embrace organizational change and incorporate measurement technologies.

We are with you through all stages of the Customer Care & Retention™ program. For instance, we set you and your team up for success by assessing readiness, supporting  internal culture shift, performing data collection and identification of priority actions. Consulting support includes helping you prepare to deal with  major customer issues, and changes in standard operating procedures.

Since successful implementation of our program requires compliance, we monitor employee behavior and provide help desk support. The Dunvegan Group monitors performance and delivers training, coaching and mentoring to help your team adapt.

Expert Senior Consultants work directly with your executives and management teams to extract maximum value from our programs. Your typical Return on Investment (ROI) is at least 2:1 which means our programs are self-funding!

“We are drowning in information while starving for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely.”

Edward O. Wilson, the pioneer of sociobiology and a two-time Pulitzer prize winner.



Customer Care & Retention™

Programs tailored to your organizational readiness.

Every Customer Care & Retention™ (CCR™) program begins with a Preparation Phase. This sets the stage for receiving customer feedback and responding in a manner tailored for the specific individual customer contact.

We also engage your team in simulating best practices for customer care follow-up to embed The Platinum Rule® philosophy into your company culture.


Employee Care & Retention™

Engagement Impacts Both Customer Retention and Employee Retention.

Employee Care & Retention™ (ECR™) Programs are based on the same foundation as our Customer Care & Retention™ Program. When organizations enjoy a high level of engagement among their customer-facing personnel AND embed The Platinum Rule® into their culture, employee and customer retention are both improved.



What Clients Are Saying About Us

Doug VanderspekPresident, Trailer Wizards

“With the help of The Dunvegan Group, we developed a customer-focused culture, increased our retained business (both customers and revenues) and attracted new business. Our on-going Customer Care and Retention™ program provided us the ready access to the “voices of our customers” as well as valuable key performance indicators for our Balanced Scorecard. By listening to the feedback, and taking swift action, we demonstrated our commitment to both our customers and our employees ~ which stimulated tremendous growth.”

Sharlene MassieCEO, About Staffing

“I genuinely feel that because of The Dunvegan Group’s reports, we have mended relationships with clients, especially ones we did not know we had problems with. We have far better tracking systems and a pumped-up results-based internal team. Our team has created an overall operational plan to take us into the future with increased market share through repeat business from existing clients and referral business.”

Judith WeissVP of Marketing

“You have seen our customer satisfaction program become an institution throughout the organization. I believe your constant vigilance to making it clearer and more user-friendly, as well as your willingness to invest your time in training and retraining, made a significant difference in how quickly we developed it. Equally valuable was your ability to translate what you learned about AUS’s customers in other insights and suggestions that clarified important issues. It has been a pleasure to work with you for these past five years.”

Tim HolmesPartner, Elmira Poultry

“Our Customer Satisfaction Measurement Program is a valuable tool for measuring performance company-wide – all employees are privy to the results as they are key performance indicators…”



Gord BoxSenior Transportation Industry Executive

“As the leader of a large national organization, and one of Dunvegan’s first clients, we benefited greatly by using these management tools, with great support and guidance ... It gave our company a true competitive advantage!”

Michael BillingsDirector Marketing Research, ARAMARK Uniform Services

“The Dunvegan Group helped us to be proactive and resolve issues before the client contract expired … We were able to achieve several million in savings last year through rescued business.”

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