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Are We The’Best Fit’ Customer Retention Company For Your Organization?

We work with B2B organizations to help you grow through retained business.

Here’s how you will know that we are the best fit customer retention company for your organization. You:

  1. Are genuinely concerned about your customers and your employees.
  2. Have committed to employee engagement and retention to support delivery of customer experiences worthy of loyalty.
  3. Understand that strong relationships with customers and employees are the corner stones of business retention.
  4. Believe that your culture is a critical component of business success.
  5. Know that business retention involves retaining BOTH the customer AND their revenue.
  6. Are eager to put a Customer Care and  Retention™ program in place to:
    • Retain your existing ideal customers and their revenues
    • Grow the amount of money existing customers spend with you
    • Find more customers that fit your ideal customer profile

If this sounds like you, let’s talk! Click here and set up a telephone conversation.

The Dunvegan Group will support you in preparing your organization for undertaking this initiative; we make sure everyone is set up for success so that our programs can make a positive impact on your organization.

Learn about our Customer Care and Retention™ Programs here.

Our comprehensive process ensures that customer feedback is meaningful and leads to actions that will improve your organization. We work with our clients over the long-term and improvements are made year after year.

You will be able to measure the ROI of investing in our services as a direct result of having the information necessary to attribute retained and renewed business to your business retention program!

Would you like to learn more? Please contact us, or read testimonials from some of our clients…


The Dunvegan Group’s Satisfied Clients

B2B Companies Committed to Customer and Employee Retention


The Dunvegan Group’s satisfied clients include leaders of B2B Enterprise companies who genuinely value their customer relationships and their employee relationships. As a result the culture of our team aligns with client teams for successful outcomes.

Because we prepare our Dunvegan client organizations, by engaging the internal team first, our programs are more likely to succeed than top down directives.

Through our programs, we help companies to:

  • create competitor-resistant customer relationships,
  • deliver great customer experience,
  • retain customers and their revenues,
  • engage and retain employees,
  • embed The Platinum Rule® into their culture, and
  • identify and capitalize on opportunities for revenue growth.

As a result, our satisfied clients enjoy stronger and more sustainable revenues.

Typically, our programs generate a return on investment of at least 2:1 so that the initial program is self-funding.

Here’s one satisfied client’s perspective on our work.

“With the help of The Dunvegan Group, we developed a customer-focused culture, increased our retained business (both customers and revenues) and attracted new business. Our on-going Customer Care and Retention™ program provided us with ready access to the “voices of our customers” as well as valuable key performance indicators for our Balanced Scorecard. By listening to the feedback, and taking swift action, we demonstrated our commitment to both our customers and our employees ~ which stimulated tremendous growth.”
Doug Vanderspek, President, Trailer Wizards.

See more satisfied clients below …


About Staffing Alberta Electric System Operator Burris Logistics
“I genuinely feel that because of The Dunvegan Group’s reports, we have mended relationships with clients, especially ones we did not know we had problems with. We have far better tracking systems, and a pumped up results-based internal team. We have been able to create an overall operational plan to take us into the future with increased market share through repeat business from existing clients and referral business.” S. Massie, CEO, About Staffing
Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc. Easyway ENMAX Power
“You have seen our customer satisfaction program become an institution throughout the organization. I believe your constant vigilance to making it clearer and more user friendly as well as your willingness to invest your time in training and retraining made a significant difference in how quickly we developed it. Equally valuable was your ability to translate what you learned about AUS’s customers in other insights and suggestions that clarified important important issues. It has been a pleasure to work with you for these past five years.”
J. Weiss, VP of Marketing
Gaming Laboratories International® (GLI®) Jacob’s Engineering Indiana Toll Road
“Our Customer Satisfaction Measurement Program is a valuable tool for measuring performance company wide – all employees are privy to the results as they are key performance indicators…”
T. Holmes, Partner, Elmira Poultry
Pitney Bowes Ryder System Inc. Stubbe’s
“The service provided by The Dunvegan Group helped us to better understand our clients… [they have] a strong understanding of our company and our industry which allows them to provide us with valuable recommendations regarding our Customer Care and Retention Program.”
S. Pérignon, Marketing Manager, Ryder
Trailer Wizards Viterra (formerly Prairie Wheat Pools) Western Financial Group
“As leader of a large national organization, and one of Dunvegan’s first clients, we benefited greatly by using these management tools, with great support and guidance from Anne. It gave our company a true competitive advantage!”
G. Box, Senior Transportation Industry Executive
“The service provided by The Dunvegan Group helped us to be proactive and resolve issues before the client contract expires… We were able to achieve several million in savings last year through rescued business.”
M. Billings, Director Marketing Research