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The Dunvegan Group’s Clients

B2B Companies Committed to Customer and Employee Retention

The Dunvegan Group works with leaders of B2B Enterprise companies to keep satisfied clients and satisfied customers.

Our best fit companies are those who genuinely value their customer relationships and their employee relationships as the foundation of their business.

Through our programs, we help companies to:

  • create competitor-resistant customer relationships,
  • deliver great customer experience,
  • retain customers and their revenues,
  • retain employees,
  • embed The Platinum Rule® into their culture, and
  • identify and capitalize on opportunities for revenue growth.

And this results in stronger and more sustainable revenues. Typically, our programs generate a return on investment of at least 2:1 and that makes the program self-funding.

“With the help of The Dunvegan Group, we developed a customer-focused culture, increased our retained business (both customers and revenues) and attracted new business. Our on-going Customer Care and Retention™ program provided us with ready access to the “voices of our customers” as well as valuable key performance indicators for our Balanced Scorecard. By listening to the feedback, and taking swift action, we demonstrated our commitment to both our customers and our employees ~ which stimulated tremendous growth.”

Doug Vanderspek, President, Trailer Wizards

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