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The Dunvegan Group offers three customer satisfaction books written by its senior leaders to help companies understand, prepare for and act upon the information captured through our Customer Care & Retention Programs ~ also known as Voice of the Customer. Our senior leaders share their expertise to demonstrate how you can create competitor-resistant customer relationships and grow your revenues and your bottom line!



B2B Customer Feedback Programs — Things to Think About Before Starting One

This book will tell you how to find out what your customers are thinking and feeling about your organization and how you serve them. It will tell you how to figure out what customers want and how you can really get connected to them. Anne Miner will guide you on the path to the platinum thread that will create competitor-resistant customer relationships so that your customers  will never want to leave you!

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Dunvegan Customer Experience Essentials

Here are 50 easy ways to create positive customer experiences that will keep your customers coming back again and again. Apply one new idea each week – learn and apply behaviors to create competitor-resistant customer relationships.

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B2B Customer Retention – Identifying And Managing At-Risk Customers

Learn the three critical factors that contribute to customer retention and how to detect customers who are genuinely at risk. Apply customer care and retention strategies where they will have the greatest impact and increase retention.

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Dunvegan Podcasts on Customer Satisfaction

In the Dunvegan Podcasts on Customer Satisfaction, Anne Miner highlights the importance of customer satisfaction and its strategic impact on your company.Anne Miner, and Denny Grim of Sound Business, discuss the benefits of keeping satisfied customers over keeping customers satisfied. She demonstrates the practical aspects of caring for customers in a manner that binds them to your company.

Each customer satisfaction podcast links one of the elements of success in business leadership to the benefits of customer focus. For example, The Dunvegan Group’s programs identify opportunities for your company to make small adjustments that improve the experience of significant customer segments and increase retention. Increased customer retention and increased revenue retention impact your bottom line.

You will learn that even your most satisfied customers may be at risk of defecting under two specific scenarios:

    1. When they perceive that a competitor could serve them better.
    2. When there is little or no ‘pain’ involved in making a change.

Invest just 5 minutes in each customer satisfaction podcast – total of one hour – in learning about the benefits and the elements of The Dunvegan Group’s programs. Each session is thought provoking and actionable.

Learn more about The Dunvegan Group’s programs to support your company as you work to keep satisfied customers, and their revenues, here