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Employee Care & Retention™

Engagement Impacts Both Customer Retention and Employee Retention.

Employee Care & Retention™ (ECR™) Programs are based on the same foundation as our Customer Care & Retention™ Program. When organizations enjoy a high level of engagement among their customer-facing personnel AND embed The Platinum Rule® into their culture, employee and customer retention are both improved.



Employee Care & Retention™ (ECR™) Programs are based on the same foundation as our Customer Care & Retention™ Programs: The Platinum Rule® ~ “Treat Other People The Way They Want To Be Treated”.

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Employer / Employee Relationship Management Programs

People Focused Culture Enhances Employee Engagement.

We understand the crucial role of a strong employee-employer relationship in driving business success. Our comprehensive employee retention strategies are designed to minimize the costs associated with acquisition, onboarding process, engagement, and retention of talent. By nurturing a stable and satisfied team, an effective employee retention strategy not only creates a positive work environment and improves employee satisfaction, but it also increases the likelihood of retaining your valuable customers.

We prioritize strategies that foster employee job satisfaction, professional development, and growth, ensuring they feel valued and invested within your company culture. By prioritizing the employer-employee relationship, you establish a foundation for long-term success, reducing turnover, and enhancing customer retention.


Make The Platinum Rule® Part of your Company Culture

The Dunvegan Group’s Employee Care & Retention™ (ECR™) Program is built upon the principle of The Platinum Rule®: “Treat others the way they would like to be treated.” By embracing this rule, your organization can unlock higher levels of employee engagement and boost employee retention. 

When employees understand and apply The Platinum Rule®, internal collaboration becomes more fruitful, fostering a shared language and leveraging humor to alleviate tensions. 

By prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of your employees, you create a supportive culture that enhances teamwork, communication, and overall employee satisfaction. Elevate your organization’s performance and strengthen employee relationships with our transformative ECR™ Program. Click here to learn more about us and our core values. 

Employee Retention Indicators™ 

In the second step of the employee retention program, your team completes an anonymous employee engagement questionnaire. The results provide four Key Employee Retention Indicators™:

  • Your Employee Retention Index™ – the strength of the bond between your organization and your employee population.
  • Organization Employee Engagement Index™ – essential elements of employee experience with all employers.
  • Your Employee Problem Experience Profile™ – where your employees experience problems at work and how well your organization resolves them.
  • Organization Employee Advocacy Zone™ – The likelihood of your employees encouraging or discouraging others to work for your organization.


Because employee retention program questionnaires are completed during the  employees’ work day, virtually all employees are expected to participate. As a result, the findings accurately reflect the situation in your organization. 

We compile the results and deliver a concise summary report with Priority Actions for improving employee engagement. These results provide a benchmark against which to measure your progress towards increased employee retention.

Enhancing employee retention directly contributes to improving customer retention rates. For the companies who we work with, implementing a proven employee retention program has helped them build a stable and engaged workforce, creating a solid foundation for exceptional customer care. 

Once your organization is able to retain employees effectively, you can seamlessly transition to one of The Dunvegan Group’s renowned Customer Care & Retention Programs™ (CCR™). Experience the power of a comprehensive approach to both employee and customer retention. Contact us today to unlock the potential of your workforce and elevate your customer care initiatives.  Learn about our CCR™ Programs here.

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