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The Platinum Rule® Training

A vital element of company culture.

Every person has a preferred way in which they like to be treated. By extension, they intuitively offer this preferred treatment to fellow team members and to customers. After all, we’ve all heard of The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

This is where the problem begins. What if the other team member or customer would prefer to be treated in their own style of communication? For example, a very direct personality type would happily forgo an extended conversation filled with niceties – the kind of conversations that most customer service representatives are typically trained to offer. On the flip side, a socializing customer may be put off by a customer service agent who is too abrupt or to the point.

The same thing occurs in inter-office communication: well-intended gestures are interpreted as annoyances by others. As a result, communication is weakened and relationships and productivity suffer. But since we can’t all be mind-readers or psychologists, how to do we know who’s who and what to do?

The Platinum Rule® – “Do Unto Others as They Want Done Unto Them”

The platinum ruleThe Platinum Rule® helps business people master relationship-building through simple psychology and applying a set of rules. It was developed by Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of the book, The Platinum Rule: People Smart and Charisma, and teaches people ‘the art of adaptability.’ Through the application of  The Platinum Rule® principles, individuals experience reduction in interpersonal tension, an increase in morale, and better relationships at work and at home.

We use The Platinum Rule® as a foundation for companies that want to create a customer-focused organization because it begins with recognizing individual strengths and improving team interaction. From there, your team is well-equipped to work towards objectives including improving customer relationships, increasing retention, and protecting the bottom line. The Platinum Rule® training helps to improve the alignment of your team with the customer satisfaction program and makes for a much smoother installation of the customer retention system.

Mastery of The Platinum Rule® is so effective, that it can improve relationships with hundreds, or even thousands, of your customers.

The Platinum Rule® Workshops and Training

When clients engage us to offer The Platinum Rule® training to their team, we start noticing results as soon as the lunch break of a one-day workshop. These are skills your people want to learn because they make their everyday interactions with others a more positive experience. They learn to leverage more out of their peers, appreciate differences, and not take things personally. Not only does it help individuals appreciate one another more, it also helps them resolve customer issues as a team because they can relate to the customer’s needs in the customer’s style; not how they would try to meet the customer’s needs in each of their own styles.

The Platinum Rule® training is offered in individual or group format. A half day workshop covers the basics for your team and a full day workshop allows time for additional exercises and application.

The Platinum Rule® Workshops include:

  • A personal assessment of your communication style
  • An indication of how you fit within the different styles of your group or team
  • A highlight of your strengths and aspects of your style you can capitalize on
  • Tips for how to work more fluidly with other communication styles
  • Methods of quickly detecting the communication style of others
  • Tools for ongoing development and improvement

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