Customer Care & Retention™

Programs tailored to your organizational readiness.

Every Customer Care & Retention™ (CCR™) program begins with a Preparation Phase. This sets the stage for receiving customer feedback and responding in a manner tailored for the specific individual customer contact.

We also engage your team in simulating best practices for customer care follow-up to embed The Platinum Rule® philosophy into your company culture.


Employee Care & Retention™

Engagement Impacts Both Customer Retention and Employee Retention.

Employee Care & Retention™ (ECR™) Programs are based on the same foundation as our Customer Care & Retention™ Program. When organizations enjoy a high level of engagement among their customer-facing personnel AND embed The Platinum Rule® into their culture, employee and customer retention are both improved.



Customer Retention Programs

Tailored to your budget and organizational readiness.

Our customer retention programs all begin with a Preparation Phase where we introduce The Platinum Rule® to your leadership team and key customer-facing personnel.

We train your team to apply The Platinum Rule® within your organization as well as in dealing with customers. We also train your team on The Dunvegan Group’s Customer Care & Retention™ Tools and Techniques so they can follow-up with customers effectively.

There are three options for your Customer Care & Retention™ (CCR™) Program:

  1. First level CCR BASELINE™
  2. Second Level CCR PLUS™
  3. Top Level CCR PREMIER™

We describe each of our customer retention programs below so you can see the added value as you upgrade to each level.


Four Key Customer Retention Indicators™ form the foundation of the Customer Care & Retention Baseline™ (CCR BASELINE™) Solution .

The key metrics are:

  • Business Retention Index™ – A measure of likely customer retention which strongly correlates with renewal or repurchase behavior.
  • Business Essentials Index™ – A measure of the seven essential elements of B2B service ― the fundamentals for every B2B company.
  • Problem Experience Profile™ – Shows you where customers experience problems doing business with you and how well your organization resolves problems.
  • Customer Advocacy Zone™ –  Indicates whether your customers will encourage or discourage others from doing business with you, and why.

We collect customer feedback via an on-line questionnaire which minimizes the labor component compared to our other customer or client retention programs.

The Priority Action Report™ generated for every participant displays the customer feedback, our Key Customer Retention Indicators™, the Urgency of Action required and the actions to take for this individual.

Equipped with this prescription, and the ability to apply The Platinum Rule®, your team can act quickly. They can capitalize on opportunities to expand your services, leverage referrals and remedy discontent for individual contacts.

Daily updates are delivered through the Action Plan Tracker™ to remind your team to follow-up.

Our Comprehensive Summary Report provides guidance for improvements across your organization to better serve customers.

The participation rate for the CCR BASELINE™ is about 20%, meaning you receive feedback from one in five of your customer contacts. 

Our clients often upgrade to the CCR PLUS™ Solution in order to capture even greater depth of feedback from more of their customers.


We call this customer retention program the CCR PLUS™ because it includes the elements of the CCR BASELINE™ PLUS you receive deeper insights to customer expectations through open-ended questions.

The CCR PLUS™ Solution provides a richer foundation for understanding the depth of your connections with customers and how best to serve them. Customers reveal what they value and appreciate most about their relationship with your organization. This priceless information can be woven into marketing communications to attract more ideal customers.

Customers suggestions support your efforts for continuous improvement. Their ‘pain points’ highlight opportunities for you to expand or enhance your product and service offering.

This customer retention program includes the Service Delivery Index™ (SDI™). Because it is custom-built, the SDI™ reflects performance against the specific products and services your organization delivers.

We collect customer feedback via an on-line questionnaire PLUS we use TELEPHONE REMINDERS to encourage participation. 

Usually, the participation rate for the CCR PLUS™ Solution program is about 30%. This means you receive feedback from about one in three of your customer contacts.

The CCR PLUS™ Solution provides feedback from MORE CUSTOMERS and MORE IN-DEPTH INSIGHTS compared to the CCR BASELINE™.

Clients often upgrade to the CCR PREMIER™ Solution in order to  get feedback from the majority of their customer contacts.


This premier customer retention program incorporates TELEPHONE INTERVIEWS as the PRIMARY METHOD for capturing the voice of your customers. As a result of personal outreach, participation in the CCR PREMIER™ is dramatically higher than our other programs.

For instance, the participation rate for the CCR PREMIER™ Solution is about 60%. This means you receive feedback from six in ten (more than half) of your customer contacts.

Because customer interviews are conducted by expert executive interviewers,  all of the applicable questions are answered and ambiguous answers are clarified.

The CCR PREMIER™ Solution collects MORE COMPLETE in-depth feedback from MOST OF YOUR CUSTOMERS. As a result, you can feel more confident in taking actions to enhance the overall customer experience.


Employee Retention Programs

People Focused Culture Enhances Employee Engagement.

Our employee retention programs help you reduce the cost of acquiring, on-boarding, engaging and retaining people to serve your customers. Equally important, as a result of a stable team, you are more likely to succeed in retaining your customers.

The Platinum Rule®

The Dunvegan Group’s Employee Care & Retention™ (ECR™) Program is founded on The Platinum Rule® – “Treat other people the way they would like to be treated”.  

When The Platinum Rule® is embedded in your culture, you achieve higher rates of employee engagement and employee retention.  For instance, internal collaboration is more effective when employees understand themselves and each other, have a common language and use humor to diffuse friction.

Employee Retention Indicators™

In the second step of the employee retention program, your team completes an anonymous employee engagement questionnaire. The results provide four Key Employee Retention Indicators™:

  • Your Employee Retention Index™ – the strength of the bond between your organization and your employee population.
  • Organization Employee Engagement Index™ – essential elements of employee experience with all employers.
  • Your Employee Problem Experience Profile™ – where your employees experience problems at work and how well your organization resolves them.
  • Organization Employee Advocacy Zone™ – The likelihood of your employees encouraging others from working for your organization.

Because employees complete the on-line employee retention program questionnaire during their work time, virtually all employees participate. As a result, the findings accurately reflect the situation in your organization.

We compile the results and deliver a concise summary report with Priority Actions for improving employee engagement. These results provide a benchmark against which to measure your progress towards increased employee retention.

Employee retention improves customer retention. After implementing our employee retention program, you will be ready for one of The Dunvegan Group’s Customer Care & Retention Programs™ (CCR™).  Learn about our CCR™ Programs here.

See how the Employee Care & Retention™ Program aligns with the Customer Care & Retention™ Programs here.