Lost Business Recovery

We Help You Win Back Customers And Reduce Customer Churn

We do the detective work to demystify the shrinkage of business – whether lost customers or reduced revenues. Our third-party investigation reveals the true reasons your customer decided to do business elsewhere and what you can do to win them back.

Many companies are hesitant to do a Lost Business Audit because of the sensitivities towards the sales team (and customer) in asking, “what went wrong?” It’s difficult and humbling to ask for critical feedback once you’ve been rejected by the customer.

The Dunvegan Group has found that more often than not, lost business has the potential to be recovered. We can provide you with the information and guidance you need to recapture the business and/or ensure a mistake that results in customer loss is not repeated.

Are you ready to find out what went wrong? Learn more about lost business and how The Dunvegan Group can help you to understand why customers are leaving, where they take their business, what you could have done to prevent their defection and how you may be able to win them back. Contact us today.