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What Is The Dunvegan Difference?

We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients because of our commitment to your ongoing success.


1. We Are Partners In Your Success

We are consistently thoughtful and flexible. From your first interactions with us in the proposal stage, you’ll notice that The Dunvegan Group goes beyond the numbers to deliver actionable insights, and to provide solutions to meet your unique challenges.  We are sensitive to the people and culture of your organization and adapt our style of doing business accordingly. We are always on the lookout for innovative ways that our services can add more value to your organization.

2. Our Focus is On B2B

Our work has been almost exclusively in the B2B Sector;  all of our metrics and procedures have been developed for business services including managed services and professional services, with many having a consultative component in their service offering.

3. Our Proprietary Model For The B2B customer Decision Making Process – Whether To Stay or Go.

Based on our work with B2B companies over the past 20 years, we have developed the Service/Pain/Competitive (SPC™) model of the decision-making process followed by a customer when deciding whether to continue to do business with a company or to go elsewhere – this model incorporates the three  decision criteria your customer uses when making this decision.

  1. Service Excellence: How good is the service your company is currently providing (using any criteria the customer may consider relevant to the well-being of their business)?
  2. Pain Tolerance: How easy customers think it would be to switch to a competitor — is it more/less ‘painful’ to switch than to remain as a customer of your company?
  3. Competitive Offerings: What competitive service providers your customers are aware of — and how good customers think they are compared to your company?

The Dunvegan Service/Pain/Competitive SPC™ model explains that:

  1. Some satisfied B2B customers leave because it’s easy. “The switch was easy, and it will be just as easy to switch back if things don’t work out with my new service provider.”
  2. Some dissatisfied B2B customers stay because it’s too painful to leave! “The pain of staying and tolerating poor service is less than the pain or bother of switching.
  3. Some dissatisfied B2B customers stay because they have no better option. “I have no options or better options”

Evidently, “satisfaction” is neither sufficient, or in some cases necessary, to bind B2B customers to your company and retain their business!

By measuring the customers’ perspective on all three aspects of the SPC™ model, The Dunvegan Group created a new metric – the Business Retention Index™ (BRI™) – a better and more precise indicator of the strength of the bond between a customer and a B2B company. The BRI™ is a powerful early warning indicator of customers at risk of defection; it also identifies valuable customer advocates who will help to build your business through referrals.

4. We Have The Best Metrics For Anticipating Customer Retention

The Business Retention Index™

The Business Retention Index™ (BRI™) is the platinum indicator of customer retention because it gauges what your customer “will do about” their perceptions and feelings towards your business.  The BRI™ was formulated through over two decades of market research and direct application to client projects. Learn more about the Business Retention Index™.

The Business Essentials Index™

The Dunvegan Group has identified a set of seven service aspects that are common to all Business-to-Business relationships; these aspects consistently emerged across industries, size of business and range of services. For this reason, we have named them “Business Essentials” and the Business Essentials Index™ is a critical indicator of how well your company is delivering against customer expectations in these areas.

The Service Delivery Index™

The Service Delivery Index™ (SDI™) is specifically created for your company to reflect those service areas where you are both willing and able to adapt to customer expectations. These may be areas that you and your customers consider fundamental to the products and services your company offers, as well as aspects that specifically differentiate your company from your competitors.

The Problem Experience Profile™

Customers experience occasional problems and annoyances in doing business with all companies. The Problem Experience Profile™(PEP™) for your company reveals the types of problems, the seriousness of the problems and how well your company does at resolving customer problems.

Customer Advocacy Zone™

Will your customers recommend your company if asked? Will they encourage or discourage others to do business with your company? And what will they say? Are your customers advocating for you – which will lead to growth? Or are they critical and considering changing to another company? The Customer Advocacy Zone™ (CAZ™) reveals the answers to these critical questions.

Learn more about our metrics.

5. We Focus On Relationships

Improving relationships with your customers begins with improving relationships within your team. At The Dunvegan Group, we offer The Platinum Rule® customer focus training to all leaders, managers and customer-facing employees who are engaged in the customer retention program. The Platinum Rule® is a simple concept – “Treat others how they would like to be treated” (unlike the Golden Rule – “Treat others how YOU would like to be treated”). This basic training puts the human touch back into numbers and policies, helping our clients genuinely create better customer experiences. Learn more about customer focus training …

Fact: The Dunvegan Group is the only customer retention company that implements The Platinum Rule® standard within our own organization so that our representatives can sensitively interact with you and your customers. We set the tone for growing your business and recovering your customer relationships.