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Our Principals

A wealth of knowledge and experience

Our principals are customer retention specialists with more than two decades of experience helping organizations build customer-focused cultures.  ‘Customers’ include both internal and external stakeholders: customers, clients, patients, members, shareholders, students, employees, contractors and suppliers.

We invested in our own research to pinpoint the critical factors for customer retention. Our methods and metrics deliver results!

We show you how to use the power of  The Platinum Rule® ~ treat others the way they would like to be treated ~ to forge solid bonds with your customers.

Please contact us if you have a customer dilemma you’d like help addressing. If we are not the best solution for you, you can count on us to point you in the right direction!

Anne Miner, BA, MBA, CMRP

President & CEO
Anne Miner has unique ability to see possibilities. She is a consummate entrepreneur in constant motion driven to see everyone succeed!

Because she is a skilled facilitator, trusted CEO advisor, and sought after coach, Anne often leads executive teams through the rapids of change.  She brings clarity and vision as well as a strategic framework for implementation.

Anne helps people and companies realize their full potential through collaborative and continuous improvement because resilient relationships are key to retaining business and growing revenues.

Anne Miner is the Founder of The Dunvegan Group. She is also an International Speaker and author of several books on the topic of Customer Relationships and Customer Experience. She is a nominee for Canada’s CEO Trusted Advisor Aware and recipient of the University of Guelph’s Alumni Medal of Achievement.

Olev Wain, BA, MA, PhD

Vice President, Research (Dunvegan Fellow*)
Dr. Olev Wain received his PhD from the University of Toronto in Educational and Psychological Measurement and Evaluation. He joined The Dunvegan Group as a partner in 1989, following five years as Vice President and National Research Director with Baker Lovick Advertising (now BBDO Canada).

Dr. Wain is a master at simplifying complex problems. He is well respected for his mathematical and statistical expertise. Dr. Wain created our innovative programs for measurement and management of customer retention.

Customer satisfaction does not guarantee customer retention, so it is important to determine what the customer will do when it comes time to renew, or make their next purchase. The Dunvegan Group’s Business Retention Index™ (BRI™) is a direct result of Dr. Wain’s research to anticipate customer behavior.  Because the Business Retention Index™ is a strong indicator of customer retention, it identifies your advocates and your customers-at-risk.

Dr. Wain created The Dunvegan Group’s Key Retention Indices: Business Retention Index™, Business Essentials Index™, Service Delivery Index™, Problem Experience Profile™, Customer Advocacy Zone™ and the Employee Advocacy Zone™.

In 2008, Dr. Wain received the title of Dunvegan Fellow to reflect his ongoing contribution to the success of The Dunvegan Group.

*The honourary title of Dunvegan Fellow is conferred on members of the organization who have made significant and critical contributions to the growth and sustainability of The Dunvegan Group.