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Ready to take your customer loyalty to the next level?

Have you reached a plateau with your Net Promoter Score® (NPS®)? Concerned about customer loyalty and business retention? Ready to move up to the next level?

The Net Promoter Score® tells you whether your customers will recommend you to others thereby helping to grow your business but, there is so much more to customer loyalty and keeping the business you worked so hard to acquire. When your NPS® plateaus, there are opportunities to take your organization to the next level by creating a culture of customer care to tighten the bond with your customers.

The Dunvegan Group, customer loyalty specialists, can help you step up to the next level through:

  • Training to help your sales team build competitor-resistant bonds with customers.
  • Measurement of customer feedback on your company’s performance on the metrics that are important to your customers.
  • Monitoring your team’s follow-up and follow-through on customer feedback.

Our next level metrics include:

  • Business Retention Index™ – Strength of the bond with customers.
  • Employee Retention Index™ – Strength of the bond with employees.
  • Business Essentials Index™ – Performance on 7 fundamental aspects of service.
  • Problem Experience Profile™ – Nature and severity of problems experienced.
  • Service Delivery Index™ – Performance on measures customized to your business.

To learn more about how The Dunvegan Group can help you keep and grow customers, revenues, and employees, please contact us, today!