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This is our 31st year in business! Over the years, we have adapted, pivoted, shifted and outright changed our focus to serve the needs of clients across North America.

The Dunvegan Group led the movement from customer satisfaction to customer retention; we developed methods and metrics to support companies in building competitor-resistant customer relationships. We provided tools and training to embed customer focus into the company culture and utilized The Platinum Rule® to encourage employees to treat others the way they would like to be treated.

And, now it’s time for another change — an enhancement really.

We have worked with companies to install Customer Care & Retention™ programs to help reduce churn — to retain both customers and their revenues. We have observed that customer-facing employees often resist and may comply in a half-hearted, or even robotic, manner to required changes in customer service. We have also observed that a company’s ability to build competitor-resistant customer relationships is dependent on the stability of customer-facing employees; when there is turnover among your employees, customers must form new relationships — not something they are keen to do.

Your company’s ability to engage and retain employees is critical to the success of retaining customers.

Adopting The Platinum Rule® is an essential element of creating a culture of employee engagement and employee success. We have now taken our program one step further to ensure that your customer-facing employee team (and ideally all of your employees) are engaged and enthusiastic about their relationships with the company, their co-workers and your customers. This new component of our program ensures that your customer-facing employee team pursues their customer care and customer retention efforts with a higher degree of attention and energy.

If your focus on customers and customer retention does not include efforts to strengthen your relationships with your own employees, you are at risk of losing customers, revenues and employees!

Ask yourself, “Is it time for a change?”


The Dunvegan Group works with B2B companies to improve employee retention using The Platinum Rule®, “Treat other people the way they want to be treated.” Learn more about our solution.

Anne Miner founded The Dunvegan Group in 1987 as full-service marketing research consulting firm. Under her leadership, the company has adapted to changes in the markets, advances in technology, and economic ups and downs. The firm developed its own processes, metrics, and software to support the services it delivers to Business-to-Business corporations, as well as smaller companies, including start-ups. The company serves clients across North America and around the world as they thrive and grow through serving their customers according to the insights customers provide.